Our Favorite Players

1.Cristiano Ronaldo — 94
Cristiano Ronaldo

The Real Madrid crack occupies the number one slot for the first time in the history of Ultimate Team. Certainly, winning the EuroCup has helped him a lot. He is a god in the game, and if you happen to have him on your side, you have been blessed by the heavens.


2. Messi — 93

Wait a minute, Messi number 2? Yep, for the folks at EA, Messi has suffered a little drawback in his game. He is still the number one dribbler in the entire game, though.

3. Neymar – 92


His skills with the ball are out of this world. He can certainly help you a lot in your battles, as his magic will certainly come in handy at the most difficult moments.

4. Luis Suarez – 92

Luis Suárez

To this point, no one can deny Suarez is the best striker in the world. It is fairly easy to see just how effective this man can be when he has the ball. He is immensely lethal when attacking, and he certainly knows his position. 90 shooting and 87 dribbling are his greatest strengths. Never will you ran out of attacking arguments with Suarez on your side.

5. Manuel Neuer – 92

Manuel Neuer

The best goalkeeper in the world, according to EA, and, well, almost every football fan. His ability is showcased not only in his reflexes but also in his great control of the ball with his feet. His 95 of kicking and 91 for positioning are the highest honors EA can give him, being the highest of each stat.

6.Gareth Bale – 90

Gareth Bale

The level of potency this player has is amazing. And it is something that hasn’t gone unnoticed by the EA crew, who has upgraded his Pace up to 94, along with 87 shooting and 86 dribbling. A lethal weapon to be feared if you play against him, or to be used to the max if you play with him.

7. Zlatan Ibrahimovic — 90

Zlatan Ibrahimović

He thinks himself as a god, and maybe he is right. The 2nd highest striker in FIFA 17 has proven that age is just a number, as he continues to improve in his game to astonishing results. He has 90 shooting with 86 physicality. He is a beast on the field, and he will demonstrate that in ultimate team.

8. Jerome Boateng — 90

Jérôme Boateng

The skillful Bayern Munich player has demonstrated that, when it comes to defending, he could be part of Leonidas’s legion. He is a warrior at heart and one that certainly will always try to defend your team no matter what.

9.Robert Lewandowski — 90

Robert Lewandowski

The great striker Robert Lewandowski sure has earned himself the reputation of being a real nightmare for defenses. He is one of the most lethal ones in his position worldwide, and the things that he can achieve in the field are amazing, like the 5 goals he managed to score in less than 20 minutes. FIFA 17 has boosted his shooting up to 87 in order to match his 85 dribbling. Having him in your time will make things quite easy.


10. David De Gea — 90

De Gea

The Top 10 best FIFA 17 players list kicks off with the skillful goalkeeper who remains visibly in good shape, as he is the 2nd best ranked in his position on the whole list, which only speaks for his abilities. His reflexes have earned him notoriety comparable to that of a striker. And that is certainly saying a lot. The Manchester United idol remains in the elite, and with his current momentum, it seems he will remain in there for much more time.

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